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ABET Program Criteria

2024-2025 Commentary on the ABET Program Criteria for Environmental Engineering Programs

ABETThe "Commentary" posted here is intended for public dissemination on behalf of the Academy's Engineering Education Committee. The document is primarily intended to:

  • assist AAEES/ABET program evaluators in applying the Environmental Engineering program criteria, and
  • assist Environmental Engineering program administrators in preparing for ABET visits.

This document is maintained and reviewed for update annually by the Engineering Education Committee.

A second purpose of this document is to inform the Academy membership of the work that ABET and the Academy are collaborating on to maintain and update the standards that college and university environmental engineering programs must meet when seeking accreditation from ABET.

Click here to download the document, 2024-2025 Commentary on the ABET Program Criteria for Environmental Engineering Programs.

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May 11, 2024

The Importance of Mentoring:  No One is An Island

Join us as we sit down with Nicholas Albergo, PE, BCEE, BC.WRE, F.ASCE, F.EWRI and Matthew Talbert, PE, BCEE from Academy Patron, GHD.  GHD Group is a global employee-owned multinational technical professional services firm providing advisory, architecture and design, buildings, digital, energy and resources, environmental, geosciences, project management, transportation and water services. Nick is a Professional Engineer, Senior Advisor to GHD, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of South Florida. Matt is an Environmental Engineer and project manager specializing in site assessment and remediation.

You will hear about GHD’s mentoring program and the importance of intentional conversations as well as the demands placed on emerging professionals. Matthew will share how he was drawn to becoming Board Certified through the Academy and how it has helped his career.

Nick’s humor during a conversation on ethics is sure to make you laugh as he asks, “What would your mom think?” Don’t miss this episode. 

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Ethics and DEI Statement

AAEES Ethics Statement


The American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES) provides leadership and excellence in environmental engineering and environmental science to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of society and the sustainability of the natural and built environments. AAEES has a special role in the stewardship of the environment since it is the organization responsible for environmental engineering and environmental science board certification and the lead society overseeing ABET accreditation for Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering Technology, Environmental Science, and similarly named programs.  Ethical behavior is an essential core value of AAEES, and all participants in the activities of AAEES - guests, students, members, Board Certified individuals, honorary members, retired members, staff, and all others - are expected to adhere to its ethical standards stated below:

Canon 1: Professionalism and Competency. Our members are expected to exhibit a high level of professionalism in all their activities. They will exhibit and promote integrity, competence, trust, accountability, and honesty. They will utilize scientific methods, engineering principles, and apply considered judgement, appropriate guidelines, and standards. They will conscientiously avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest but when unavoidable, they will forthwith disclose all conflicts.  As educators and mentors, AAEES members will strive to ensure that graduates from environmental programs are technically and ethically prepared to enter the profession. 

Canon 2: Public Health, Environmental Stewardship, and Sustainability. Recognizing that the natural and built environment must coexist in harmony, our members will work to: protect public health, human welfare, and the natural environment from damage; and restore ecosystem health. They will support and contribute to sustainable development practices in the built environment, considering and balancing societal, environmental, and economic impacts locally and globally.

Canon 3: Respect, Dignity, and Equity. Our members respect the dignity of each person, and actively uphold and incorporate human rights, including social and environmental equity, diversity, and inclusivity, into their activities.   

Canon 4: Advancing the Profession. Our members are committed to applying and advancing innovative practices, sharing knowledge to create appropriate solutions for society, and embracing multidisciplinary collaboration for current and future generations. 

All participants in the activities of AAEES are responsible for supporting adherence to these canons. In particular, everyone must be vigilant and when applicable raise our voices to ensure the wellbeing of society and the environment. For Board Certified individuals, violations of these ethical canons will be referred to the Certification Revolution Committee as laid out in the AAEES Policy and Procedures Manual.

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